Dominion I: Seed

by Compasse

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Excellent! *****

This has to be one of the best books in this genre I have read in a very long time. I was hooked from page one; I couldn't wait to read on, and I wasn't disappointed. The descriptive is particularly good and really creates wonderful imagery, and the characters all have their own distinct flavor which is very well maintained throughout the story. It really is a first-rate and totally brilliant story. I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the second installment in this epic story of the fight between good and evil.

Mark Hooper

Angel Editing




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An apocalyptic tale with a shocking end! *****

Seed is the first of seven books of the apocalyptic epic Dominion written and published by Compasse. The book cover shows prophetic symbols, such as the morning star symbol of kingship with dark stormy clouds moving fast toward the star to overshadow it. In addition, it shows a field where a battered and pregnant woman plants a seed representing an agreement of love and loyalty toward one of the children in her womb.

The book begins with the sudden disappearance of Marisha, daughter of Alexandre Nesterov, senior lieutenant to Vlad Ivankov, the most powerful Russian Mafia figure in the southwest of the United States. Marisha, a free spirit and strong-willed child, blinded by love runs away without a trace to marry Jeffrey Chardin, an ambitious lawyer thirteen years her senior. This causes a lot of problems in the Nesterov's household, since the fact that her father is unable to find her makes him feel vulnerable and appears weak in front of his subordinates. Mr. Nesterov is desperately and discreetly searching for Marisha's whereabouts with the help of Felix Amosov, his most loyal and trust-worthy companion.

Marisha, on the other hand, is starting to see the foolishness of her behavior and helpless situation. She finds herself married to an abuser, alcoholic, atheist and self-centered husband who constantly battered her. In desperation, she prays to God, but feels He is not answering her prayers. One night as she is kneeling in prayer, Jeffrey comes in accompanied by Father Luther who reprimands Jeffrey for her bloody beating. In the guise of his position as a religious leader, Father Luther requests to be left alone with Marisha. After Jeffrey leaves the room, Father Luther, in truth a wicked and vicious wolf in sheep's clothing, takes advantage of a barely conscious Marisha...


During the rest of the story the readers will be taken into the world of the Brotherhood of the Coming Prince, a satanic sect disguised as a new form of religion with Father Luther playing a leading role. He is the most despicable and ruthless member of the Supreme Council. He is respected and feared by the other council members because rumors that he is one of the Illumini, mythical beings with dark power. The Brotherhood of the Coming Prince are governed by the laws of the Book of Shadows written, by the Grand Elder.

The reader will be engaged in a modern Omen-type of story with elements of faith, hope, dark rituals, and Catholic traditions.

I highly recommend this book to adults who are looking for an apocalyptic story that bring together forces of good and evil in their eternal fight to take Dominion. Personally, I would not recommend this book to young adults or children, since some of the scenes and situations are not suitable for a young audience.

The unexpected and shocking end of this book is still vivid in my mind!

 Tannia Ortiz-Lopès

Author of The Window to My Soul


Spooky! *****

Looking forward to reading all 7 of this Epic. Definitely hooked after reading the first - anyone who enjoys Apocalyptic fiction, will marvel at the tale unfolding.

D. Westrick



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