Father Elijah: An Apocalypse

by Michael C. O'Brien

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  "One is almost agog at the dexterity-the artistry really-with which O'Brien shapes enormously charged material into a narrative which exhibits the integrity one finds only in the very best fiction."

-Thomas Howard
Author, C.S. Lewis: Man of Letters

"A thriller -- one of the greatest books I've ever read."

-Sheldon Vanauken

"Father Elijah is a powerful story, well told."-

William F. Buckley


  an Apocalypse? ***

I have just completed reading Father Elijah and I find myself among a minority. Although I think the book is well written and has a very good plot, I do not feel the book is as good as it is acclaimed to be. Many times I found myself reading about Faith that is described in perfect theological accuracy, but with something missing. For example, conversations like most of the ones contained in the book don't happen. And, for Father Elijah to be the spiritual force that he is yet not recognize an angel who has been sent to assist him, I find hard to accept. This book is a long one, and its ending leaves you with no conclusion. However, I am sure God is using this book as a tool to reach many, to teach some who might have never known.

-Jen Fahey
(from amazon.com)

  Best Apocalyptic Novel I've Ever Read *****

I'll be honest. Apocalyptic literature has not been my number one interest. Much of what I've read in this genre has seemed to be unbelievable; relying overmuch on the "fantastic". "Father Elijah" is different. Very different.

Item: The author has a good grasp on the apocalyptic books of Scripture -- better, even, than many "Bible Christians".

Item: The author has a good grasp on the inner workings of the Church.

Item: The author has a good grasp of current events. Because of this, he is able to posit believable scenarios.

Item: The author has an excellent grasp of the human heart and soul; what it means to serve God; what it means to live in obedience; and what it means to be a priest.

Item: Finally, the author has an excellent grasp of God's overwhelming desire for the redemption of all His creation -- and the free will to choose to accept -- or deny -- the redemptive offering.

"Father Elijah" is a must read. I give it my hearty endorsement.

-David Zampino "21st Century Hobbit"
(from amazon.com)


  Sets a new standard for Apocalyptic literature ****

I these days of the Left Behind series literary fiasco, it is refreshing to read a book that is not only theologically thoughtful, but extremely well written and fascinating. There is an odd but effective mixture of horror mixed with remarkably deep Christian meaning in addition to adept social commentary. Anyone who takes Christianity seriously and who has a certain amount of introspection (which the Left Behind series does NOT appeal to) will love this series.

A warning to my fellow protestants: this book is unabashedly Catholic. If you are uncomfortable with minor Mary veneration and a greater focus on relics, you may sometimes be annoyed. However, given the reality of history, this is an accurate reflection on a Catholic approach to Christianity. Moreover, it does not fail at being Christocentric.

Read and enjoy!

-Robert Knetsch "Wanna-be theologian"
(from amazon.com)




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