Compasse is a pseudonym utilized by the writer of The Dominion Project series, published by Sacrata Dei Press.

Though there is very little public information on the writer, a general sense of him can be gleaned from the "Author's Notes" which lead each book in the series, as well as its accompanying Intermission reference books:

...why write this story at all? Well, first and foremost, this very tale has been cathartic for me – even a source of conversion. It is difficult to delve into the mysteries of the Christian Faith without being transformed. Its genesis began with a thought that struck me many years ago as I stood at the threshold of adolescence; what exactly is the character of music? How is it that a series of sustained sounds, formed and combined into certain patterns, had the power to tickle the senses and stir the emotions --  yet transcending each, reaching out to touch the Divine?  And what then of the man who discovers the intricate secrets of its language, so as to harness its power? Could he not then move mountains?

The question enraptured me, and over the years that followed -- some very dark, some that included fleeting moments of happiness -- my thoughts would return to the role of music in the human drama. Could this medium reveal a deeper purpose in life… even a bridge to a world unseen? And if so, could it not then provide a common thread that might speak of events to come?

The writer shares that his desire is to present the saga of redemption in a manner which emphasizes the interior struggle within each of us; he goes to great lengths to avoid the one-dimensional "all-good" or "all-bad" labels and distinctions of the characters in the story. Still, the writer is clear that the ultimate hope is to get the readers to return to asking the "big questions" of existence, for he is certain that God will not remain "hidden" for the soul who earnestly asks and seeks Him with all their hearts.

More descriptive from Author's Note at Sacrata Dei Press

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